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Document Management

If managing documents is a pain, maybe you’re doing it wrong

Do it right with Fileassure

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Fileassure's document management assists you in achieving TERK compliance while making it easier than ever to store and retrieve client information.  Our intuitive design assists you in keeping file contents organized and linked directly to your Estate Management platform.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

With 2,000 Professionals using the Fileassure platform from coast-to-coast, Fileassure is revolutionizing Canadian back office administration. Countless hours in painstaking paper record keeping is being eliminated. Beyond simply the efficiency recognized by a paperless office, it has also improved compliance, audit trails and client service. Better tracking and an instantly available single point of reference on filings has truly improved back office administration.


Enhance Auditing & Compliance

Firms that have moved to a paperless back office using Fileassure's Document Management system have peace of mind that they are compliant with industry standards. We can accommodate frequent audits our client's files seamlessly via permission-based access to digital content. Further reducing the stress and paper shuffling typically associated with file reviews.


Improve Efficiency with a Paperless Office

Fileassure can save countless hours in administering your client files. Our paperless records management system will work in tandem with your database of record to ensure that whatever file you are working on our system automatically retrieves all digital files in an easy to view and accessible layout. Immediately accessing a full client file within seconds means a more productive work day and knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips.


Save Money & Reduce Paper

Fileassure is clearing out box after box of paper files and replacing it with fully indexed, fully auditable and instantly retrievable digital files. Our clients are very excited about de-cluttering their desks,  file rooms and saving space and time chasing paper around their office.

See features


Seamlessly and automatically, save, view and link documents directly from Ascend - no additional effort required!

Sign Off

Digital signature capabilities reduce the need to print and scan and notify you of upcoming sign offs.


Intuitive drag & drop features make saving any content format to a debtor file easily.  Documents - Emails - SMS - Other

Setting Standards

Configurable folder structures and automated document naming assists in conformity across all clients.

Email & Fax

Route incoming Email and Fax to save directly into Debtor records and notify you when action is required.

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