Debtor Document Request Link

Gather documents from your debtors in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Send a secured document request link

Send tailored document checklist request links to your debtors by e-mail or text message.

Step 2: Your debtor uploads documents through the link

Your debtors will know clearly what they need to upload, by accessing the link from any device. No mobile app installation is required!

Step 3: You get your documents automatically filed in Fileassure

Uploaded documents are pre-screened for viruses and malware, but best of all, they automatically get filed right back into Fileassure under their record!

Integrate your checklists to an upload link and create confidence & clarity for your debtors’ documentation requirements

Save time and effort in gathering commonly requested documents, and be assured you have the latest status on the debtor’s documentation. Let Fileassure do the time-consuming back-end administration, and free up your time for more opportunities.

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