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Unlock your digital office

Grow your insolvency practice by streamlining file administration and providing the digital experience your clients expect

Software built for insolvency professionals 
  • Boost team productivity by an average of 37%

  • Cut paper costs by up to 90%

  • Save your team between 2-20 hours each week

  • Build a client base from anywhere, nationwide

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Doing everything by paper is inefficient and time-consuming.
A change would do you good.

In the old days, all you needed was a pen, a paper and a good work ethic. Times have changed. Your clients have changed. Now to be ahead of the competition, you need tools for client management, document management, and workflow. Ideally, all in one integrated system.  

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Introducing the end-to-end practice management software
built for trustee firms and insolvency teams in Canada  

Work from a single system without the need to switch from platform to platform

Start small or go big. Pick and choose which modules work best for your practice. 

Document Management Software 

Unlocks the ability for your firm to build a client base from anywhere, nationwide 

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Digital Intake Module

Manage documents and handle client interactions in one place 

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Workflow Module 

Reduce the busy work that goes into Proof of Claims and Income & Expenses statements by streamlining the processes 

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Scale your practice

with efficient processes 

Getting hours of staff time back presents a massive opportunity for your firm to scale operations

Provide the digital experience your clients expect 

Provide the best possible experience for your staff and your clients with Fileassure solutions. 

Improve team productivity by an average of 37% 

Eliminate the inefficient paperwork that makes up a large part of the insolvency process. 

See what's inside

Streamline file administration 

Safeguard client data and save 2-20 hours each week on document collaboration. 

  • Stay in control of your insolvency practice on the go. Esign, review and approve from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Receive files, documents & signatures back from clients up to 80% faster 

  • Never chase a document again: with folder standardization, version control, and the ability to recover deleted files.  

  • Backup files from your Estate Management platform with one click

  • Work under one roof. Make it easy for your entire team to get everything they need no matter where they sit in the organization. 

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You need it, we build it 

Your feedback is what shapes our product development.

Get early access to the new features you request. See Fileassure evolve according to your needs.  

Hassle-free migrations

We offer migrations from any digital storage platform at no extra cost. All you need to do is sign up for an annual plan. 

Top-tier onboarding

Get dedicated onboarding when you need it. Learn at your own pace with access to our Knowledge Base

Customer support  

As intuitive as Fileassure is to start using it, you’ll always have help from our team when you need it

Bank-grade security 

Fileassure is OSB TERK compliant. All data is securely hosted on Canadian land. ISO 27001, SOC-1 and SOC-2 certified 

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Start to grow your insolvency practice with the industry’s favorite software today

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