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Paperless is good, effortless is better.

Over 1,100 Insolvency Professionals are using Fileassure to achieve TERK compliance and leverage innovative solutions to improve debtor experience and streamline file administration.

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How do we do it?

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Content Management

Documents and estate information all in one easy to access place.

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Debtor Services

Provide an excellent debtor experience and elevate your engagement services.

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File Administration

Leverage your team to accomplish more for your clients and partners.

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Track Metrics

Measure your results in real-time.


Client Onboarding

✓ Track leads

✓ Pull a TransUnion Credit Report

✓ Auto-populate Ascend Liabilities with TransUnion report

✓ Appointment scheduling with Outlook Calendar integration

✓ Send automated meeting reminders with text messages and emails

✓ Custom template emails

✓ Canada Post address validation

Office Administration Workflow

✓ Tailored task queues

✓ Full Casework and Issue Tracking Mechanism

✓ Proof of Claims gathers and verified ready for Final Review

✓ Integrated Inbound Fax Capabilities – Straight to Digital Queues

✓ Optical Character Recognition

✓ And more!

Document Management

✓ TERK Compliant

✓ eSignatures

✓ Share documents

✓ In-built PDF, Word, and Excel Editors

✓ Comprehensive tracking log

✓ Virtual document stamps

✓ Digitally review and approve documents

✓ Document Management from anywhere

✓ And more!


A New Way of Helping Trustees,
Work From Anywhere

Fileassure has put together a new tailored solution for trustees and staff who are now working remotely. As a proven Canadian provider of Document Management, Office Administration Workflow, and Client Onboarding capabilities, we meet your needs in delivering a seamless way to accelerate your work-from-anywhere experience. With over ten years of experience in serving the Insolvency Industry, Fileassure continues to provide flexible web-enabled solutions for Canadian Trustee firms, as it meets & exceeds the growing pressure to accommodate who are working remotely or from the office.

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