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More About Us

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee there is one thing you have too little of, that’s time. We want to return to you more freedom, mobility, confidence, peace-of-mind and more of your own time back. FileAssure is a system designed to make the most of the time you and your team members have.


Imagine a system that best leverages the information gathered, never requiring re-work or re-typing. A system that delivers to you, the trustee, all the information you need accurately, just when you need it so that you can make the decisions necessary to keep matters moving.

Designed and built specifically for you, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Canada, FileAssure currently serves over 1,100 Insolvency Professionals each day, making the job of administering files more manageable. From the feedback gathered from these users over the past six years, we have enhanced the system with tailored features essential to your unique needs.


Furthermore, FileAssure protects you by ensuring that your firm meets your compliance obligations. FileAssure meets OSB’s strict requirements, improves your compliance and protects your staff from making potentially costly mistakes.

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