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Save hours with Fileassure’s fully automated Income and Expenses collection.

Still gathering monthly income and expense statements from clients via email or mail?

Make a switch to electronic data collection and put time back into your day. 

Set and forget

Set the length of the individual’s bankruptcy in Fileassure, and every month our system will gather the income and expense statements and financial supporting documents from a debtor for you. 

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Deliver the service your clients deserve

Save time and effort for your clients and let them complete their monthly income and expense statements online through our smart income and expenses webform that automatically syncs to Fileassure.

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Centralized view 

No more back-and-forth emails and inefficient paper forms when gathering client information. Request, review, approve and manage monthly income and expense statements in one secure dashboard. Track the status of your request and get notified when the income and expense statement is submitted.

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Process income & expenses faster 

Fileassure automatically calculates any surplus income and flags fluctuations in income and expenses with a side-by-side comparison to prior months.

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Fully integrated emailing system 

Need clarification or additional information from a debtor? Communicate with clients without leaving Fileassure. Store all income and expense statements and communications in one spot. Save templates for repetitive emails - just like in Outlook.

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Deliver a superior branded experience

We customize our smart income and expenses webform with your own branding, including logos and tones - so your clients see you, not Fileassure. Add a personal touch to messages and reminders.


Get sensitive requests out of email

1 in 4 data breaches occurs via email. Turn your firm’s income and expense statement gathering into a secure, organized process in the cloud. Protect your reputation and save time - it’s a win-win. 

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File Editing

Combine multiple files and convert to PDF (yes, with Fileassure, you don’t need Adobe to do that!)

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Access and manage work from anywhere

Save your files with no storage limits. Work securely and efficiently from anywhere. 

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Finish work faster and wow your clients with the Fileassure experience.

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