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Insolvency Document Management Software

Work securely and efficiently from anywhere, and benefit from unlimited document storage, easy document search, and e-signatures.

Put data security and compliance first

OSB TERK Compliance

Fileassure's insolvency document management system adheres to industry standards of digital record-keeping. 

Secure cloud storage 

Experience secure access to information from anywhere via a browser, without the requirement of your own servers. 

Integration with Ascend

Seamlessly link documents directly from Ascend and centralize your files on our user-friendly platform for storing, sharing, and so much more. 

Goodbye, filing cabinets.
Hello, secure cloud-based storage.

Save files securely in the cloud, track document changes, audit user activity, and recover deleted files.

Access your documents from anywhere 

In the office or on the go, pull up any document on your device to annotate, approve and more. Fileassure is a centralized place to securely store, manage and work on files, as well as assign tasks. 

Store an unlimited amount of documents

Save as many documents and images as you need in our unlimited storage system, where files are automatically backed up. Maintain full data ownership and control it all with user-based access permissions.


Centralized File Management

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Easily recover deleted files

Deleted a file you didn’t mean to? With Fileassure you can recover deleted files in one click as well as restore previous document versions. 

Find the file you’re looking for in seconds

No more wild file hunting—easily search documents by file name, estate number or client, and preview files directly in your browser. Standardize file organization across teams and documents with pre-templated folders and prefixes. 

Collaborate on documents with ease

Trustee review queue

Plan your day with ease. Navigate through urgent and pending tasks that require your signature or review. Sign, review, approve and annotate documents, no matter the device you’re on. 

Use electronic signatures

Get unlimited e-signatures at no added cost with Fileassure’s built-in signatures and approval stamps. 

Share files without printing and scanning

With digital signatures, and notes why spend time printing, downloading, or scanning documents? Work on documents in the cloud, assign a task within the document, get notified when your requests are returned to you, and have them automatically saved in the right folder. 

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Make annotations

Need to leave a note on the document? All annotations are instantly saved as separate layer, viewable only by internal users, so your team can see the notes but your clients won’t.

Track document changes and conversations

Stay on top of document changes with a full version history and running comment thread for each file stored in our insolvency document management software.

Easily manage your files from a browser 

Bundle documents

Work on files the way you want, combine multiple files into one document in Fileassure or link your file sets directly from Ascend. 

In-built document editor and viewer

No more downloading and re-uploading—work with Word, Excel, PDF files without needing to leave Fileassure. Update files in real-time, so that everyone has access to the latest file version. 


Save hours with a paperless office


Scan physical documents into Fileassure

Save physical documents directly into Fileassure—and take advantage of the convenience of paperless document management. 

Upload documents easily

Save files via our document upload link or by simply dragging and dropping your files into Fileassure. Bulk upload documents and choose the right folder for each file. 

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