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Fileassure Proof of Claims Process Automation.

Maximize employee productivity with our unique solution that allows insolvency teams to process 4x the number of claims daily.

A centralized place to process proof of claims 

Processing and managing claims in Outlook can be a pain. Fileassure syncs with Outlook to bring all received proof of claims into a single Fileassure interface. This streamlines the processing workflow for Fileassure users while giving them more time back.

POC Centralized view.png

Intelligent Proof of Claims processing 

Fileassure scans proof of claims using optical character recognition (OCR) and provides key information needed for data entry.


Workflow automation

Automate the manual processes involved in reviewing and processing proof of claims, such as sending notifications to creditors or flagging proof of claims that require additional review. See, at a glance, what actions were taken. 

POC workflow.png

Fully integrated emailing system 

Communicate with creditors without leaving Fileassure. Store all proof of claims and communications in one spot. Save templates for repetitive emails - just like in Outlook.

POC emailing.png

Track employee performance

Access detailed reports and analytics on the status of each proof of claim, see how many proof of claims were processed daily and track what is delaying the review process. 

POC Analytics.png
POC Final.png

Store an unlimited number of files

Fileassure automatically combines multiple files, converts them to PDF and stores them directly into the Fileassure folder of your choice.

Access and manage work from anywhere

Save your files with no storage limits. Work securely and efficiently from anywhere.

Cut proof of claims processing by 80% and put time back into your day.

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