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Debt Management software for professionals in the debt & insolvency industry

Helping you help people on their path to financial health.

Debt management software that's secure, and reliable

OSB TERK Compliance

Fileassure's insolvency document management system adheres to industry standards of digital record-keeping. 

Secure cloud storage 

Experience secure access to information from anywhere via a browser, without the requirement of your own servers. 

Support from our team

Exceptional customer care from the most experienced team in the industry.

Ideal for professionals in the debt & insolvency industry

All-in-one case management software that meets the needs of your organization—and your clients

Securely work and access your case files from anywhere

  • Store files securely in the cloud. Link documents to the correct contact or case, and instantly send for e-signature.

  • Work from anywhere with secure, cloud-based software for debt professionals accessible via a web browser.

  • Store an unlimited amount of documents with unlimited document storage.

  • Scan physical documents directly into Fileassure—and take advantage of the convenience of paperless document management.

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Acquire new clients more efficiently than before

  • Manage incoming clients, documents and your services–all in one organized space.

  • Simplify the client onboarding process with online intake forms, document requests and e-signatures.

  • Automate follow-up emails and reminders, ensuring timely responses—every time.

  • Make great client experience your differentiator, offering clients more efficient, compliant, and personalized services. 

  • Offer new clients flexible ways to contact you– like website forms and online appointments – so you can get more business.

Reduce costs, save time, and help more people get out of debt

  • Get quick insights into your clients' finances and pull a credit report with a single click.

  • Maximize your time by removing administrative tasks and automating repetitive work.

  • Collect the unique details you need to best manage cases and clients.

  • Keep tabs on clients’ income and expenses with our tools for automated statement collection and surplus calculation.

  • Simplify invoicing, collect payments and create payment plans.

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Communicate effectively with creditors and LITs

  • Manage all communications with creditors in one place, ensuring compliance and delivering better outcomes for clients.

  • Easily and quickly refer your clients to Licensed Insolvency Trustees with a click of a button.

With Fileassure, you can accomplish more—from one central place

Trusted by hundreds of professionals in the debt and insolvency industry.

Debt Management Software 15-minute Tour

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