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Digital Intake

One tool-less chaos


Finally, a client management tool that is integrated into your document storage. We designed it specifically for small and medium-sized insolvency businesses. 

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Engage with your debtors the moment they reach out to you.  Fileassure opens new lines of communication with debtors and helps you organize, respond and engage through convenient channels.

Leverage Your Investment

Easily identify, qualify, intake and schedule your prospects more effectively than ever before using our CRM module. Many of our clients today, more than ever, are investing heavily in advertising, brand awareness and making the most of every potential client. Our CRM module ensures you leverage that investment to its fullest potential. Ensuring clients that initially engage with your firm are contacted and receive regular follow up to secure that critical first meeting can now be managed more effectively through Fileassure's CRM Module.


Increase Your Client Filings

It's proven! The more openly and consistently you communicate with your clients, the more likely prospects are to become your client rather than with your competitor. Fileassure's CRM has delivered enhanced communication through a multi-channel, scheduled and automated approach to ensure meeting reminders and follow-up notices are sent to the client at the most effective times.


Improve Your Client Conversions

Consistently contacting clients to encourage they attend meetings, complete applications and make the right next step ensures that the investments made in bringing that client to your doorstep is not lost. Simply tracking the client in Fileassure's easy to navigate work queue environment has enabled administration staff clear visibility into a prospect's file and ensures that they stay top of mind until they take the right next step to becoming debt free.


Automate File Intake & Onboarding

Capturing a client's intake information accurately and consistently can be challenging. Fileassure helps capture the information necessary to file, as well as helpful "meta" data about the client which may help identify further prospects, demographics and referral source information to improve your firm's outreach efforts.

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Google Map and Direction Services

Provide real-time travel information to help your debtors arrive on time.  Walk, Transit or Driving information sends automatically and seemlessly to your debtors via SMS or Email.

Text Messaging

Automate debtor communication and confirm meetings. FileAssure automatically notifies debtors of upcoming important dates and allows clients to respond to the text to confirm that they will attend or to reschedule!

Online Application & Webforms

Link existing web forms or online applications directly to FileAssure.  When your debtor fills out forms on your website, have them appear directly within FileAssure for follow-up.


Connecting your clients with the right front line service staff is vital in growing your file volume. With FileAssure's agent scheduling feature, you can track what offices your staff are available at and on what days. FileAssure takes into consideration travel time, traffic, meeting length and staff availability to eliminate scheduling conflicts!

Appointment Tracking

Manage your firm-wide meetings and calendars while booking appointments directly with debtors.  FileAssure sends, tracks and confirms all scheduled meetings.

Address Verification

FileAssure utilizes Canada Post's address lookup to ensure accuracy, completeness and proper formatting in the capture of data.

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