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Give your team the tools to be more productive and efficient

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Fileassure's workflow capabilities allow you to empower your team members while streamlining their responsibilities.  With countless configuration options, Fileassure leverages your existing processes to automate high volume tasks such as Proof of Claim processing and Income Expenses.  Fileassure notifies you of upcoming administration tasks and escalates to the proper team members when their assistance is required.

Eliminate Surprises in Administration

Full digital issue tracking and the diarizing of problems encountered in administration of a file through Fileassure's Workflow solution means eliminating unpleasant surprises. Clients are finding the use of case-management workflow with individual assignments and escalations is helping to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and inter-office communication is improved.

With the average workload for a typical back office operator it is impossible to expect that memory alone can solve the problem. More and more professionals are recognizing that workflow management in the back office is helping to reduce stress and highlight critical decision points in the processing of their files. Find out more about how Fileassure can eliminate surprises.


Automate Ongoing Communications

Throughout the life-cycle of a client file, there are critical times where consistent and timely communication with the client can help make the administration of the file progress more smoothly. Automated reminders of upcoming appointments or of upcoming payments helps ease the clients progression through to the client lifecycle.

Fileassure can help automate the outreach and consistently get key updates and reminders to clients either through letter, email, text or phone. Find out more about how we can help streamline client communication.


Efficiently Manage Workload

Administering a file means taking many critical steps and reviews over the lifecycle of a client. Ensuring the right steps are taken in the right order is what good administration is all about. However, with hundreds of files in the balance it's not always easy to balance the workflow effectively with manpower alone. Helping administrators in the back office make the right decision or communicate at the right time means ensuring a better balance of work effort.


Save Time & Money on Administration

Fileassure has delivered savings to several firms across Canada by helping to automate high-volume repetitive steps such as proof of claim processing. We have helped streamline processing and to easily distribute work across large offices more effectively.

Our solutions have also proved to enhance the consistency with which decisions and communications are made, further improving compliance.

See features

Review & Approve

Provide a firm wide mechanism to share critical documents for review, comment and approval through a single notification and review system online within FileAssure.


Notify team members of upcoming administration requirements.  Workflow routing assigns estates to key individuals to continue the administration process.

Automate Tasks

Repetitive file administration tasks such as Proof of Claims, Income & Expense or Tax processing can be streamlined to free up value resources and time.


Create dynamic checklists that update and track intake requirements, 170 reviews, and all other administrative requirements.

Email & Fax

Route incoming Email and Fax to save directly into Debtor records and notify you when action is required.

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